• Joseph Francis Argazzi

Commotion or Devotion

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves. Albert Einstein.

And could there be a better statement regarding the significance of where to place ones attention and devotion?

This is a perfect illustration about the importance of being present, focused and devoted, verses getting distracted by what ever commotion is going on around us. If our meditation practice is mediocre, unclear or vague, then the results will only yield something similar in nature and value. The degree to which we are devoted, to which our attention is placed, will be the exact degree of our experience. If you want to create something extraordinary, or to experience a deeply gratifying relationship or project, then take a close look at your devotion to it. Are you faithful, are you loyal and fully committed to what is seeking to be expressed through you?

In the secular world the word devotion is used to describe ones spiritual practice. Devotion in its latin origin means to consecrate, to make or declare something sacred. What could be more sacred than your life?

The foundation on which a magnificent life is created lies in our devotion to it. Letting go of distraction and commotion, we now surrender to the same Power that creates worlds.

Want a stellar and miraculous life? Then give the vision awaiting to be expressed though you, your full devotion and undivided attention. Want a stellar and miraculous kiss, same rules apply.

It is with absolute devotion that I now surrender to this loving, universal intelligence. I allow it to use me in every way, that I may faithful and grateful, as I bear witness to the sacred miracle that is my very life.


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