• Joseph Francis Argazzi

Freedom To Love

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi

Self love seems to be a core issue for many of us, myself included. So once and for all, let’s call it out for what it is. The sustaining self love that we are looking for can only be found in the discovery of who we really are beyond this physical embodiment. It is spiritual in nature. Catch this, there is a difference between me loving me and Being Me Who Loves. It’s in being the one who loves where we attain our true power and that ultimately grants us spiritual liberation, in other words, our freedom.

While it feels good to be loved, nothing feels better in all of the universe than to love. It is inherent in our nature and is the life force behind all creation. I am talking the kind of love that transcends romantic or familial love. When you set out with the intention of finding love, don’t look for the love through their eyes, look for the love through your eyes. And check your motive. Are you loving to get something, or are you loving because it is your nature to love. One is based in lack and limitation and one is based in the eternal, unlimited truth of who you are.

The more we flow love deliberately and acknowledge that is who we are, the less we will need anything outside our self for validation, which could only be temporary at best. At some point it simply becomes irrelevant what the object of our love is. Really, what difference does it make in terms of who and what we are loving? Because the love we feel at any moment brings us into full alignment and resonance with who we really are. And with that comes a knowing that we lack for nothing and a realization we are a part of this magnificent One Life, of all that is. The feeling of separation then fades and we find ourselves in a field of bliss, of oneness. And that is exactly why it feels so amazing!

Then if someone were to look at you with anything less than appreciation, you intuitively understand it has nothing to do with you. It never had anything to do with you. We have dominion over our lives because we are free to choose when and where we want to flow love. And that is how we set ourselves free.

Simply put, don’t look for self love, instead look for the part of self that Is love.

It is amazing to know that everything I’ve been looking for my entire life is already within me. Because God is within me. Today I am liberated, today I am set free, because today I know that the love within me is unlimited, and I freely give from the overflow.


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