• Joseph Francis Argazzi

Heaven and Paris

In every man’s heart there is a secret place that answers to the vibrations of beauty.

~ Christopher Morley

Want to fall in love with God, go to Paris. As one emerges from underground into the light, you are surrounded by extraordinary enchantments: the magnificent Louvre filled with inspired creations made manifest by artisan genius. A bridge where votives in the shape of locks hold intimate prayers, and are surrendered to the Seine by a key of hope and conviction. Grand boulevards and winding, cobblestone streets make way for pristine shops, intimate clubs and cozy cafes, all fertile with creative intelligence, inspired philosophy and flourishing imagination. It’s God expressing everywhere. Notre Dame, standing in great testimony to the power of grace while instilling a sense of deep devotion and humility. And the Champs Elysees, calls us towards her Arc de Triomphe, representing a gateway to life's ever expanding possibilities.

It is the place where lovers only see that which is real in one another. And in doing so, both are transformed into the greatest, truest version of themselves. We fall in love because we fall in tune, feeling our connection with all that is. In Paris, it’s undeniably everywhere and in everything. A feast for all the senses, whereby the phrase, it’s just to much, or, over the top, need not apply. Even the croissant and butter are turned into a holy encounter.

So let us be like the magnificent Eiffel Tower, unique, beautiful and illuminated. Embracing all who would come with an open heart and a view of what is possible. Let us stand like a beacon in the night, sure, strong and true, unwavering in our commitment to be a living embodiment of Love Itself. Shine bright, and others will find their way in your presence. Yes, Paris is Heaven.

After all, it is the city of light!

How grateful I am to have fallen in love with God in all it's glorious and miraculous forms. My Heaven, my Paris, my Everything.


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