• Joseph Francis Argazzi

The Paradox of Surrender

The creative process is a process of surrender, not control. Julia Cameron

To have a big and glorious life, we need a big and glorious God. What other foundation could there be in order to support and sustain an unlimited expansion of creativity, beauty and joy? And if we want the experience of freedom while having this expansive, amazing life, we must be willing to surrender.

Surrender use to feel antithetical to everything I was taught growing up. It represented defeat, weakness and the inability to make something happen.

The Spiritual life flips that on it’s ear by saying we do not make anything happen. And we make it welcome by creating space through the act of surrendering to the divine will of God. As we align our will with His, we are choosing to tap into the same transformative power that creates worlds.

When we can say from the heart, Thy will be done, we proclaim our liberation from adversity, lack and limitation of any kind. When we declare, Thy will be done, we open ourselves to the unlimited possibilities that lie far beyond our mortal thinking. True surrender is not passive, it requires obedience, faith and inspired action. We are given the wisdom and power to fulfill not ours but Gods vision for our life because we are in harmony with the Infinite, and failure is not possible. Gods will is constant and therefore all the laws and principles of the universe are constant. This is when life really starts to become an amazing adventure. When we can surrender and say, Thy will be done, we are not giving up our own will, but aligning our will, with the will of God. Will meaning thoughts. We are no longer experiencing the world through our own limited thinking. In stead we are surrendering to the thoughts of God, the thoughts that are beyond this paradigm of duality and in harmony with the One Eternal Life. What could be more amazing and powerful than that?


Today, right now, I joyfully and eagerly surrender all that I am, so that I may become all that that the divine Spirit would have me be.


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