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Life's Inner and Outer Purpose

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Our Inner and Outer Purpose

Discovering your outer purpose comes from knowing and cultivating your inner purpose.  And your inner purpose is to awaken to the essence of your being. In other words, becoming aware and conscious of who and what you are.

I have known for a long time that my life's outer purpose is to be of service and help others. Now I help you to expand your awareness and consciousness. In doing so, everything else that is an issue for you will find it's perfect answer and solution. I can help you awaken to the fact that everything you are seeking, and I mean everything, is already within you.  My practice and coaching modalities are centered around these core principles. First, understand that everything at it's core, both seen and unseen is energy, vibration and frequency.  That includes you and me.  If you can grasp this concept, then the mysteries of the universe will open up to you.

To effectively help others, I cannot transmit what I haven't experienced, so what I share and teach you is my personal experience and knowledge of these universal principles. 

Being in the Now is another central principle and structure from which everything is based. The tools and practices that have created powerful changes in my life are the same techniques from which our work together will be developed.  It is literally a co-creative experience.

My outer purpose is derived by helping people excel as whole human beings, creating opportunities for them to tap into their inner resources of unlimited intelligence, wisdom, abundance and creativity. Your purpose and value will no longer be defined by your resume, but in the discovery of who you are.  As you “wake up” to this truth, you will experience life in a whole new manner and be able to contribute in ways that far exceed what you could have done previously.

By learning to be fully present, regardless of the task at hand, stress, pressure, anxiety and resistance fade. It cannot be said enough, that in this present Now, the channel is clear to tap into infinite intelligence, wisdom and unlimited creativity, bringing forth abundance in all it's many forms and the discovery of both your inner and outer purpose.

When living from the Now is central to your foundation, suffering fades as the Source of your entire being emerges. Time will collapse as the qualities of ingenuity and the state of your being begins to soar. These are all manifestations of living in the Now.

When being in one’s Now becomes a dedicated practice, these attributes become fully integrated into your life and are naturally brought forth into the world.


The Foundation

Transforming your life will require a new foundation.  Here’s mine.


The Foundation

To Truly transform your life, often requires a new foundation.  Here’s mine.

It starts with realizing that everything is vibration, energy and frequency and that everything is created in consciousness first and only happens in the NOW.

NOW is absent of the past or future.

No matter who we are, where we come from or what our roles are, should we choose, NOW can be experienced by all of us. It is the access point of our power, it is total presence.

It is NOW.  

NOW is the most effective method we have for increasing our awareness

and therefore developing a greater capacity to transform our Life.

Here's why. Normally, we are limited in our capacity because we are bogged down or burdened by emotional reactions that stem from our past or that trigger future concerns that haven't even happened yet. Our minds react to this conditioning in unconscious patterns that keep us stories which limit our potential as well as our ability for sustaining and lasting change. Often these are patterns we accept and strongly identify with, which means we will not easily see them as they feel natural to us.

NOW allows us an opportunity to become the great observer of what we are doing in time, to see those patterns.

Many of us do not realize how the past limits us, causing us to be unaware of the present. Or we are too focused on a future we hope will bring us what it is we want. In running from the past or chasing after the future, we often blind ourselves to new opportunities and different perspectives that only the present moment can offer. If one’s mind is in the future, in anticipation of some outcome, whether it be excitement or anxiety, one will be taking action through the filter of an emotional reaction rather than a clear, calm state of beingness.

Most of us are habitually not present, not in Now, and it limits possibilities and  keeps us locked into our previously conditioned ways of seeing and being.


Being in NOW, in all aspects of our life, allows us to see ourselves more clearly, where we learn to accept responsibility for our thoughts & resulting actions, and can begin to create a life from a sense of well-being and presence. 

Being in NOW generates focus, calmness, efficiency, and inspiration. It allows us to embrace simply what is.

Instead of trying to "make something happen" we live in a surrendered state of non resistance to what is. It is from being alignend with the presence that we can now "make something welcome."

If we want something new, something inspirational and catalytic to occur in our lives, we must create from a different vibrational place. For something greater, beyond what we currently know to emerge, we must be willing to be in the Now. This is the key to our continued development. It is the key to expanding our consciousness and transforming our lives.


How It Works

Just a small peek!


The Practice

My methodologies, based on the above foundation, provide you with a highly personal, custom experiences that activate and build skills across these core qualities:

  • Awareness

  • Openness

  • Willingness

  • Focus

  • Flexibility

  • Clarity

  • Honesty

AWARENESS is everything, it is the starting point to change.  It is the doorway to a new way of being.  If one is unaware, we continue on as we have always done. 

OPENNESS to step through a new door creates the potential for a paradigm shift in consciousness. The single point of entry to awareness is wholly in one’s Now. 

WILLINGNESS. When awareness unites with willingness, our perception shifts.  A view through an altered lens, to what has never been emerges. If one approaches a task with a sense of knowing how it will be completed, many alternative possibilities fall away and one is left with the path that has been travelled before.

FOCUS. A redirection takes focus. Abandoning previous ideas or conclusions and returning back to the Now is a practice, such as a workout. To return to the Now, one must consciously chose to place one’s attention on it. This requires an awareness of when we are not present and a determination and willingness to bring our attention back to the Now.

FLEXIBILITY. A continued sense of flexibility allows for our journey to reveal itself moment by moment.  Any attachment to an outcome closes the doorway to possibility.  Developing the quality of flexibility teaches us how to unattach from our limited perceptions and allow something greater to occur.

CLARITY.  In the present moment, the Now, we are able to become the observer of self, which creates a window in which we may see our habitual patterns, our stream of thoughts, and our recurring emotional triggers.

HONESTY.  How we operate is familiar and comfortable. It is often times difficult to see.  This is why change can be so challenging.  The identification of “me being me” can be strong.  Being completely honest with oneself helps to shatter that wall of protection. With transparency, the wall starts to collapse making way for a limitless, expansive way of being.

When these core qualities are utilized as a conscious practice, a new experience of your life starts to take hold. An elevated state of consciousness begins to operate. In this clarity, we pause, arresting what was and what normally would be.  This is the seed of change and a shift consciousness occurs on which your new life begins to take hold.


How to get a hold of me! here's the deal.  

If you're interested, just give me a call or shoot me an email.  It's that simple . We'll talk a bit about anything that's on your mind and heart and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.  I am 100% committed to  your growth and well being and I know (I really do!)  that any and everything is possible. I've seen it, I've experienced it,

and I believe you can too!

Are you ready to change your life for real?  Great!  Let's do this!


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